Industry Application

Beverage engineering

Engineering projects for fruit and vegetable drinks, purified water, mineral water, protein drinks, health drinks, tea drinks, energy drinks, etc.

Pharmaceutical engineering

Engineering projects for manufacturing products for prevention, medical treatment and diagnosis by comprehensively utilizing the principles and methods of microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmacy and other sciences.

Brewery engineering

The brewing project is mainly aimed at the characteristic flavor components of liquor, rice wine, red wine, beer and other daily drinking wines, as well as the functional microorganisms, enzymes and their metabolic regulation mechanism in the brewing process. Through recognizing and transforming the important microorganisms and enzymes at the molecular level, developing new products, carry out the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries.

Food engineering

Food engineering is the general term for engineering and technology fields such as grain and oil processing, food and beverage manufacturing.

Dairy engineering

Dairy engineering mainly studies the basic knowledge and skills of biochemistry, dairy chemistry, dairy microorganism, dairy processing, food nutrition, etc., and carries out dairy processing, research and development, quality inspection, etc. in the dairy processing industry.

Water treatment engineering

Engineering projects for treating water that doesn’t conform to the standard by purifying, softening, disinfecting, removing iron and manganese, removing heavy metal ions, filtering and other works.
Who are we?

P&E,located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, China, is a professional quality supplier of stainless steel sanitary pipes, valves and fittings. P&E owns three manufacturing factories respectively for sanitary pipes, valve fittings and tank fittings (manholes and fittings). We provide engineering designed pipes and valve fittings to industries of beer, food, beverage, dairy, wine, pharmacy, water treatment and other related industries.

P&E is certified by BV Europe and ISO 9001 quality management system. The pipes and fittings pass the certification of 3 A, USA. Besides, a variety of tank manholes and cleaning devices also get the certification of 3 A and FDA.

We have standardized product line

Currently we have below standard product lines: GEMO, a brand of pipes and fittings; ZIMANI, focus on tanks; CKAN, provides valves for opening and closing pipes; SHST, a brand of pneumatic actuators for automated control system; Meatier, professional in providing solutions.

P&E will continue to update our product lines based on customers' demands. With combination of three-dimensional design and simulation design, we build up the concept of high quality on products and keep improving.

Our goal is to produce the products that best fit customers' needs. Please tell us your needs, our engineers will find appropriate products for you. We have a wealth of experiences and deep exploration in engineering design, installation and testing, and as well as in after-sales service, etc. P&E always go all out to make our customers satisfied.

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